ECV New York 2019

ecvny2019 New York typographic tour

Since 2013, we’re going to New York to visit few studios, foundries, fabulous places and doing masterclasses. We will be New York between the 27 February to 2 March 2019 with a group of 11 french students. Each new year promises to be more exciting than the previous one. ECV Paris rent the Type Directors Club for few days to host the ECV masterclasses, along various visits. The students conducted interviews and wrote a report about their trip in the past years, they will have to do the same in 2019.


ECV New York 2018

ecvny2018 New York typographic tour

Following very succesful trips, we will visit New York between the 27 February to 3 March 2018 with a group of 10 french students. New schedule is fabulous this, ultra excited. ECV Paris rent the TDC for few days to host the ECV masterclasses, along various visits. The students conducted interviews and wrote a report about their trip in the past six years, they will have to do the same in 2018.


ECV 2016 students presentations

Recent projects from the #ecvmdt2017 class. Our topics cover typography in many area as possible. We invite also several professionals to present they work and share experiences. In next February 2017, we will comeback to New York for visits and masterclasses at the TDC.


ECV New York 2017

ecvny2017 New York typographic tour

We will be back to New York between the 21 to 26 February 2017 with a group of 12 french students! This year mark the fifth anniversary, following very succesful trips in past years we have built a great schedule with the help of many friends in New York and elsewhere. ECV Paris rent the TDC for few days to host the ECV masterclasses, along various visits.


Présentation Master Design Typographique ECV 2018

Cette présentation interne au sein de l’ECV permet de présenter les grandes lignes du programme que nouveaux étudiants suivront à partir de janvier 2017.


Creative Drink-Up #4 Le design de l’invisible

J’ai été invité par Adobe pour présenter mon point de vue autour de la perception de la typographie lors de leur événement Creative Drink-Up #4. Merci à l’équipe Adobe, et en particulier Michael Chaize, Olivier Saint-Léger. Un échange formidable a eu lieu avec un public averti, de qualité. Cette présentation est maintenant en ligne!


La typographie comme point de passage stratégique: visible en ligne

L’école de Condé m’avait invité dans le cadre de leur cycle de conférences Mardis du Design, le 18 novembre 2014. Cette conférence est disponible en ligne.


Introducing Nespresso typeface

The bespoke Nespresso alphabet can be definited as geometric mono-linear typeface. Some of its details come from vernacular italian lettering style, when other elements are typical from Art-déco style. Nespresso use typical Italian vocabulary for its products, following the same path, Nespresso typeface aim is to strenghten Italian typographic style, even as a delicate, subtile homage to the home of the best coffee in the world.


Mencken Pro preview

Mencken is a typeface designed originally for the Baltimore Sun in 2005. Less than 10 years later, after many months of labor, the outlines of the 8 masters are ready today. Next step will be kerning, intermediate Subhead masters and bunch intermediate weights. Then, will come the Condensed versions.


L’excellence typographique – The haute couture of typeface design

The monograph about my typeface design and typography work is now available at Atelier Perrousseaux publisher website. It’s a bilingual book French-English. I hope you will like it. It was a great experience. I would take this opportunity to thanks people who worked on this book…


Typofonderie first ad featuring Le Monde

Directly from my archives, the first announcement of Le Monde family + few others typefaces from Typofonderie.


À la découverte de la typographie

Je publie à titre d’archive, le compte rendu d’une conférence que j’ai donné à la Reims Management School fin 2003, sur une invitation de Frank Adebiaye. Déjà 10 ans…


L’histoire du Plus du Parisine

Le Parisine a été créé en 1996 pour la signalétique de la RATP. En 1999 cette famille a été agrandie et le Parisine Plus a fait son apparition. Il était temps d’expliquer le sens du mot Plus ajouté au Parisine!


The computer as modern art

A search on other subject just showing this article from Maclean’s, back on 17th October 2011 about Steve Jobs. Based on a discussion on a sunday by phone. Never seen the result before!



Fondateur de Typofonderie, directeur typographique chez ZeCraft, Jean François Porchez est l’un des pionniers de la typographie numérique. Transmetteur de savoir et découvreur de talents, le travail en équipe est au cœur de ses préoccupations. C’est aussi pour ces raisons qu’il a lancé TypeParis en 2015.



Typofonderie retail collection [+]

ZeCraft bespoke typefaces [+]


Apolline renaissance


Apolline is my second typeface, started in 1989-91, finished in 1993 for the Morisawa awards in Regular and Italic. During this period and particularly for this project I made drawings modelled after my own calligraphy. They were done at a very small size on tracing paper (2 cm high for the capitals) to preserve the irregularity of human handwriting. Besides emphasising the horizontal parts of the letter forms, the serifs were designed asymmetrically to reinforce the rhythm of the writing. The final drawings were produced at a large size (10 cm high for the capitals) to allow for subtle optimisation of specific details. To achieve certain regularity, a template was designed.


Details can be important

Sabon Next
Top line: Sabon Next LT with alternate q and Sabon Next LT; Bottom line: Sabon Italic compared to Sabon Next LT Italic all kerned.

For some people, the finish of Sabon Next perhaps looks similar to Adobe Garamond, but if you set texts, the result is quite different, because the structure is not the same. Adobe Garamond looks to be wide and round when Sabon Next looks narrow and strict.


TrueType quality


When you can choose between two types of OpenType fonts, should you use PostScript format (CFF) with the extension .otf, or TrueType format (TTF) with the extension .ttf?

Perhaps TTF is better if good hinting is included in the font BUT as 99% of fonts are designed in Béziers curves…


Retiro in use

A recent issue of Madriz magazine featuring the final version of the multi awarded typeface Retiro.

retiro inuse 03
retiro inuse 04
retiro inuse 07
retiro inuse 08
retiro inuse 09

Lisez la suite...

Type credits: Caledonia, Apolline


There is a tradition old as the invention of printing to credit typography at the end of books and publications. Some examples are better and more signifiant than others.


Font prices: 15 years after…


In 1996, I was asked by the defunct FontShop France to design a page who featured some of my typefaces at the time. FF Angie and Apolline already available, Parisine in two weights only available directly from me. Anisette announced as the next typeface and Le Monde superfamily on the way, as this family was finished and launched in 1997. Then a review and comparison of prices between 1996 and now seems the most interesting part…


Daylight Fonts


Searching the web for some information this morning, I found this website based in Japan who list quite seriously many fonts, foundries, designers of the fabulous fonts…


AW Conqueror videos

Don’t miss the three YouTube videos created by Reflex Image using extensively the free Typofonderie AW Conqueror family. Watch.


Le détail (in typography)

Les details de la typographie

“Le detail?” So, there is a side story about this event that I learn on the way to the Jost Hochuli lecture organized by F7 yesterday night.


Un caractère, une fonte

Je disais à notre ami Cuisinier sur Facebook

“Une nouvelle Frutiger” (aie aie…)

C’est sympa ces news typo, mais juste un détail: Frutiger comme tous les autres caractères typographiques (typeface en anglais) sont des mots au masculin. le Frutiger, le Garamond, le Retiro…

Employer le mot fonte lorsqu’il s’agit de parler du Garamond Regular ou Optima ExtraLight, car il s’agit du logiciel. Une fonte, des fontes, jamais fonte au singulier pour parler d’une famille de caractères typographiques!

Shopping lists transformer

image by The Ginger Pimpernel
set in Cooper Black

The Ginger Pimpernel share his shopping lists online. Much nicer than any Remember the milk? but less practical.


Xavier Dupré: Yoga et web

xavierdupre website2009 Cela faisait longtemps que nous attendions cela, c’est chose faite: Xavier Dupré a lançé son site web en ce début d’année 2010. Sachant que depuis longtemps, ce créateur de caractères typographiques français proposait régulièrement des créations d’excellente qualité, comme cette famille récente publié chez FontFont en automne 2009, le FF Masala et FF Masala Script.


Font Discoveries January 2010 in use samples


Following others Font Discoveries, here after several extracted samples in use. January 2010 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Allumi PTF Demi, Ambroise Std Bold, Le Monde Sans Std Italic, Anisette Std Petite Black.


Trying Typekit here

Yesterday, Typofonderie announced that a selection of Typofonderie fonts are now included into the Typekit service.

Today, I implemented easily Typekit on this blog for all texts. I used Le Monde Courrier PTF on the css. Sound good and effective.


Font Discoveries September-November 2009: in use samples


Magazine: Title in Apolline Std Regular; Headlines in Anisette Std Petite Thin and Parisine Std Bold Italic. Design Clara Sfarti.

Following the July 2009 publication, here after several extracted samples in use. September-November 2009 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Costa PTF Italic, Anisette Std Petite Thin, Apolline Std Regular, Parisine Std Bold Italic.


Font Shuffle 1.1

I like this iPhone app, despite that I don’t use it as type designer. Its very clever and I like the fact they have switched from Hamburgefontis to Ramburgefonstiv!…


Font Discoveries July-September 2009: in use samples


Album name: Anisette Black, Artist names: Ambroise Firmin Demi. Design Marc Rouault.

Following the May 2009 publication, here after several extracted samples in use. July-September 2009 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Le Monde Sans PTF Light, Ambroise Std Firmin Demi, Anisette Std Black, Angie Sans Std Bold Italic.


Font Discoveries program: July-September 2009

July 2009 Font Discoveries

This new Font Discoveries pack is a good way to discover our fonts at an affordable price. Jump on the July-September 2009 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Le Monde Sans PTF Light, Ambroise Std Firmin Demi, Anisette Std Black, Angie Sans Std Bold Italic. The available pdf present the 4 fonts in various contexts, samples in use, glyph sets and and so on.

There is few images on Facebook Typofonderie page/images.

Confirmation: Ils sont nuls

Quand je racontais que chez Internet-fr ils étaient nuls, ils me le confirment ce matin avec un email reçu alors que je n’ai plus de site web chez eux depuis juillet 2008! Ils sont très fort, voyez-vous même…


Le Monde Sans PTF is different

Le Monde Sans PTF was partially redesigned, when the others members not in their OpenType conversions.

Indeed, all of the families still need new glyphs when you do an OpenType conversion, for the simple reason of the extended glyph set and OpenType features. But in the case of Le Monde Sans PTF, it was different…


Last news from Porchez Typofonderie

Vuitton Persona: English, Français.

Few additional images here…


Internet-fr: Ils sont nuls.

Mon site web, était hébergé chez Internet-fr jusqu’a la fin juillet 2008. Très heureux depuis après le changement d’hébergeur vers Dreamhost, chez qui mes autres sites web étaient déjà hébergés depuis 2004.

Internet-fr offre un bande passante intéressante, mais pour le reste ils sont simplement nuls et chers. Support technique pas compétent, avec des horaires pas adapté à un support digne des tarifs pratiqués (9h-18h, semaine uniquement).


Typofonderie Hot news RSS feed!

Many people asked RSS) feed for Hot news over the years. Its finally available. Its a good news.

English version.
Version Française.

Changes at

We currently moving to a new host. So, the url may not work for few hours.

30 July 2008 update: everything is ok now.

33000 pairs

Yes, in current production of Parisine Plus OpenType, we discovered that with 900 glyphs, and some kern classes, when we expand the kerns, we have 33000 pairs at the end. The OTF file is about 300kb.

Ooops, yes its a scoop, we are close to finish Parisine Plus in OpenType version.

→ Parisine: A workhorse & economical sanserif in 16 series
→ Parisine Plus: A fancy sanserif in 16 series.
→ Parisine Office: Humanistic sanserif in 4 series.

Costa specimen printing

I visited yesterday morning my usual printer shop to check Pantone colors following instructions from Tiffany Wardle, the designer of the Costa specimen. The printing of the second side follow this afternoon without me!


ATypI afters versus TypeCon afters?

So ATypI nights are less crazy good than TypeCon nights? really? The main difference between these drunky nights is that the ones during ATypI, people still able to start new business. Sabon Next project started during that night. ehehe…

Around 2 am this night in Leipzig (even Hermann Zapf was present during this party), discussing with Bernhard Hofmacher from Linotype, I told him that their Platinum collection — started not long ago — offered only sanserifs from living designers (Adrian Frutiger…). Suggesting to them that great serif typefaces can be added to this collection too. Then Bruno Steinert came to join the discussion and he asked for names of typefaces I can think about: Sabon I replied, and explained why…
Then the story of Sabon next started this night.

Before the Parisine

The story of the metro in Paris started long ago and typography and lettering where always an important aspect who make it unique. This website, in French describe one of the separate companies and show some examples of letterings and various graphis and architecturals elements. Guimard name is also strongly connected with the history of the metro. Check the bottom of that page who feature nice old posters.

→ Parisine: A workhorse & economical sanserif in 16 series
→ Parisine Plus: A fancy sanserif in 16 series.
→ Parisine Office: Humanistic sanserif in 4 series.




Founder of Typofonderie, type director of ZeCraft, Jean François Porchez is one of the pioneers of digital typography. Transmitter of knowledge and discoverer of talents, teamwork is at the heart of his concerns. It is also for these reasons that he launched TypeParis in 2015.