Mencken Pro preview

Mencken is a typeface designed originally for the Baltimore Sun in 2005. Less than 10 years later, after many months of labor, the outlines of the 8 masters are ready today. Next step will be kerning, intermediate Subhead masters and bunch intermediate weights. Then, will come the Condensed versions.


Shady characters

A new blog about punctuations marks was just launched by Keith Houston. One of his first text is about the pilcrow. Keith reported to me that topic as Ironic mark will follow.



After a couple of years on Blogger platform, Chez Porchez website was born on 13 april 2004 with the great help of Textpattern, during a long evening: Thanks to Monsieur Dean Allen, inventor of the beautiful Textile language and Textpattern. Some posts are in French, others in English, depending the “humeur” of the author. None of them will be fully accurate.


Version 1.7 — 28 May 2012 (Responsive design + new Masterhead)
Version 1.6.2 — 6 November 2011 (New sections)
Version 1.6.1 — 28 March 2011 (Masterhead revisited)
Version 1.6 — 23 October 2010 (white background + AW Conqueror)
Version 1.5 — 6 May 2008 (few CSS updates, finally)
Version 1.4 — 25 September 2007 (textpattern update)
Version 1.3 — 26 May 2004 (iTunes section)
Version 1.21 — 19 May 2004
Version 1.2 — 17 May 2004
Version 1.11 — 15 april 2004
Version 1.1 — 14 april 2004 (using textpattern 2004 beta version.)
Roughly tested, should work on Safari, Firefox.

Hosted by DreamHost, CA, United states.



Bespoke initial as on Typofonderie & ZeCraft + Bespoke condensed slab.
Previously set in AW Conqueror Carved: Large capitals, Le Monde Livre Classic: Small texts, Sabon Next Pro: ornaments, Sabon Next Italic Display, Anisette.


Via Typekit, set in:
Le Monde Courrier for most of texts, subheads, notes, etc.
Mencken Head for large headlines.
Alternates CSS specify Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans and Georgia, Sylfaen, depending if you are on Macintosh or Windows.