Circular zero on oldstyle figures typefaces

Many old style figures available in contemporary typefaces and fonts features a circular zero, or even a reversed weight. Its how figures have to be designed since their apparition in Europe before invention of printing. Its not something new.


Le Monde Livre Classic revisited: Merci!

Sometimes, projects take a while. Le Monde Livre Classic was one of them. But we are finally happy to launch it tomorrow Tuesday 2nd October 2012. The PRO version will be available exclusively on Typofonderie.


Typeface design editors and tools

The few available editors, applications and tools useful for typeface design, font design (Mac OS or Windows). This list is regularly updated with my finding.


Apolline renaissance


Apolline is my second typeface, started in 1989-91, finished in 1993 for the Morisawa awards in Regular and Italic. During this period and particularly for this project I made drawings modelled after my own calligraphy. They were done at a very small size on tracing paper (2 cm high for the capitals) to preserve the irregularity of human handwriting. Besides emphasising the horizontal parts of the letter forms, the serifs were designed asymmetrically to reinforce the rhythm of the writing. The final drawings were produced at a large size (10 cm high for the capitals) to allow for subtle optimisation of specific details. To achieve certain regularity, a template was designed.


TrueType quality


When you can choose between two types of OpenType fonts, should you use PostScript format (CFF) with the extension .otf, or TrueType format (TTF) with the extension .ttf?

Perhaps TTF is better if good hinting is included in the font BUT as 99% of fonts are designed in Béziers curves…


The Raster Tragedy […] by Beat Stamm

Interesting references for any interested in font rasterization. Beat Stamm start his introduction by: Rendering fonts on digital devices harbors the potential for incredible flexibility and convenience…


Type credits: Caledonia, Apolline


There is a tradition old as the invention of printing to credit typography at the end of books and publications. Some examples are better and more signifiant than others.


CS5: Mise à jour anglaise moins chère

Toujours aussi bon Branislav Milic pour ses commentaires autour d’Indesign CS5, lancement ce jour.

Voyez tous les détails sur son site web: InDesign CS5 devient multimédia mais va aussi faire pleurer de plaisir les journaux et les magazines.

Je note encore une fois, que je suis content d‘être passé il y a des années en version anglaise, chaque fois, 50 euros d‘économie pour chaque mise à jour de mes softs Adobe. Et oui, pas de Creative suite ici, car mes première licences sont largement plus anciennes. :)

Mise à jour InDesign CS5 en français: 249 € HT
Mise à jour InDesign CS5 en anglais: 199 € HT

Dommage, les fonctions OpenType semble être encore oubliées et restent inaccessibles… bigre, syndrome Xpress.

Font Discoveries January 2010 in use samples


Following others Font Discoveries, here after several extracted samples in use. January 2010 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Allumi PTF Demi, Ambroise Std Bold, Le Monde Sans Std Italic, Anisette Std Petite Black.


The best of 2009 at Mehallo

The best of 2009 at Mehallo’s blog and he

will randomly select five winners from the comments. Each winner will receive a complete, licensed set of Jeanne Moderno fonts: All 9 OpenType fonts, $99 USD value.

Then, a bit of French graphic cuisine… about the best covers for 2009.

FontBook and 10.6

I have few problems with FontBook under Leopard. Missing fonts appear but can’t find yet a away to find them back. Some Adobe CS applications don’t display fonts that are activated and work with others applications such iWork.

It seems Font caches doesn’t work the same as on 10.5? Even they don’t appear on the usual places?

Just found this pretty large page about fonts on Mac Os. In the past I liked FontNuke, but doesn’t help anymore now. So, I will try FontFinagler. Let’s see this also.

OpenType features in Firefox?

Sound an interesting news for OpenType features lovers. You seems now to be able to set OpenType features into your css.

This story started in 2008, but with Woff around, it begin to make sense. Let’s see…

Fac-similé des Monotype Ornaments


Jacques André vient de mettre en ligne un fac-similé de l’ouvrage de Frederic Warde à propos des vignettes de la Monotype et leur usage.


Font Discoveries program: in use samples

Logotype: Parisine Plus PTF Sombre. Additional texts: Le Monde Livre Classic. External text: Angie Sans. Design Mathieu Réguer.

Yesterday, I have launched the Font Discoveries program. There is an extensive pdf available for which Mathieu Réguer and myself having designed several fake uses of the various fonts proposed into this first Font Discoveries May 2009.


Font Discoveries program is launched

May 2009 Font Discoveries

This is one of the small idea I have to open a bit more Typofonderie fonts collection to everybody. Every 2 months, I will deliver a special pack at very affordable price (compared to usual prices) who combine various fonts. In July, a new pack will remplace it, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Jump on the May 2009 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Parisine Plus Sombre PTF Bold Italic, Angie Sans Std Regular, Le Monde Livre Classic Std Swashes, Apolline Std Demi. The available pdf present the 4 fonts in various contexts, samples in use, glyph sets and and so on.


Phinney on Fonts

This new blog is about fonts, typography and text. It’s a mix of geeky troubleshooting, info for font developers and thoughts for regular end users who happen to be curious about typography. If you liked typblography you should visit his new blog, both by the designer of Hypatia Sans, Thomas Phinney.

Le Monde Sans PTF is different

Le Monde Sans PTF was partially redesigned, when the others members not in their OpenType conversions.

Indeed, all of the families still need new glyphs when you do an OpenType conversion, for the simple reason of the extended glyph set and OpenType features. But in the case of Le Monde Sans PTF, it was different…


iWork OpenType features don’t work?

Typography panel: OpenType features don’t work easily

I encounter similar problem with Cocoa typography panel in iWork applications. I say that because it seems to work with TextEdit. Before 10.5, iWork 08, like previous versions worked fine with my machine.

I tried several times to:
— remove iwork prefs (users and general)
— remove font caches with FontNuke
— re-installing iWork from the cd + updates.

Still, typographic features (OpenType features) don’t work well. They are inconsistent without to exactly understand what happening internally.

Its a bug…


Embedded OpenType

Alternative sérieuse pour un meilleur support des droits d’usage des fontes. En faisant la promo active du format EOT, issu de Weft qui n’a jamais réussi à s’imposer depuis tant d’années, EOT est proposé au W3C.: Réussira-t-il à s’imposer?

Il est clair qu’avec le support du @font-face property dans Safari 3.1, il n’est pas possible d’employer des fontes commerciales pour des pages web, sachant que les fontes se retrouvent facilement accessibles pour des usages non-prévus par la licence originale.

Des solutions doivent être trouvées, le font-face actuel n’est pas fonctionnel.

Sabon Next Pro specimen

The original Sabon Next was designed in Type 1 format back in 2002. In 2006, I have created the Sabon Next Pro version in OpenType, finally published by Linotype early 2008. There is a printed specimen originally created in 2002 by Muriel Paris who will be updated in forthcoming months. So, because as many websites, Linotype current website can’t show easily all options available for the Sabon Next Pro, such OT features and so on, we’ve decided with Linotype staff to put on their website at visitors disposal, a short pdf version (25 pages, A4 format).

Until this happen soon, please enjoy it directly from the designer… Click to download the pdf.

Sabon Next OpenType

Sabon Next 1 value pack
Sabon Next 2 value pack
Sabon Next 3 value pack

OpenType metaphor

OpenType Swiss Knife

Stephen Coles used an interesting metaphor to explain OpenType format for FontShop. His boss already proved many times…


33000 pairs

Yes, in current production of Parisine Plus OpenType, we discovered that with 900 glyphs, and some kern classes, when we expand the kerns, we have 33000 pairs at the end. The OTF file is about 300kb.

Ooops, yes its a scoop, we are close to finish Parisine Plus in OpenType version.

→ Parisine: A workhorse & economical sanserif in 16 series
→ Parisine Plus: A fancy sanserif in 16 series.
→ Parisine Office: Humanistic sanserif in 4 series.

Costa specimen printing

I visited yesterday morning my usual printer shop to check Pantone colors following instructions from Tiffany Wardle, the designer of the Costa specimen. The printing of the second side follow this afternoon without me!


Eula article

The Case for a User-Friendly EULA by Tiffany Wardle is now online. Its a good news: This article first appeared in Interrobang 2, a SOTA publication from 2004. At least, take a look to the comparative chart.

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