Workshop Nº1: Design de lettres

Lorsque nous avons lancé TypeParis en 2015, cette formation en 5 semaines d’été dédiée à la création de caractères associée à des conférences ouvertes, l’idée d’organiser des workshops adaptés à un public plus large, était dans les cartons. C’est maintenant réalité, le premier workshop aura lie au Tank le samedi 18 mars 2017. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant via la page dédiée


Introducing Nespresso typeface

The bespoke Nespresso alphabet can be definited as geometric mono-linear typeface. Some of its details come from vernacular italian lettering style, when other elements are typical from Art-déco style. Nespresso use typical Italian vocabulary for its products, following the same path, Nespresso typeface aim is to strenghten Italian typographic style, even as a delicate, subtile homage to the home of the best coffee in the world.


Not every typeface designers do that

There is a lot of images on the web, but rarely about a critical subject as typeface designer on a bed with his fiancée…


Seattle 12: Seattle typeface workshop

Seattle workshop alphabets 2012

In 2009, when we’ve discussed the idea of this workshop planned middle for February 2012 with Karen Cheng, I never figured it out how this week in Seattle will be a great, from the first to the last minute. Organizing such thing is complex and take time. Karen accomplished a very good job!


Seattle 12: few images from the workshop

In February 2012, 21 students have worked hard to design five typefaces. Here after images from the workshop that I have conducted.

Seattle Typeworkshop 01
Seattle Typeworkshop 02
Seattle Typeworkshop 03
Seattle Typeworkshop 04
Seattle Typeworkshop 05

Lisez la suite...

Seattle 12: Bakery

Bakery 01

Typeface designed during a 5 days typeface design workshop in Seattle, at the University of Washington.


Seattle 12: Caswell

Caswell 01

Typeface designed during a 5 days typeface design workshop in Seattle, at the University of Washington.


Seattle 12: Dulce

Dulce 01

Typeface designed during a 5 days typeface design workshop in Seattle, at the University of Washington.


Seattle 12: Vetta

Vetta 01

Typeface designed during a 5 days typeface design workshop in Seattle, at the University of Washington.


Seattle 12: Rille

Rille 01

Typeface designed during a 5 days typeface design workshop in Seattle, at the University of Washington.



Typofonderie retail collection [+]

ZeCraft bespoke typefaces [+]


TrueType quality


When you can choose between two types of OpenType fonts, should you use PostScript format (CFF) with the extension .otf, or TrueType format (TTF) with the extension .ttf?

Perhaps TTF is better if good hinting is included in the font BUT as 99% of fonts are designed in Béziers curves…


The Raster Tragedy […] by Beat Stamm

Interesting references for any interested in font rasterization. Beat Stamm start his introduction by: Rendering fonts on digital devices harbors the potential for incredible flexibility and convenience…


Japon: Font Aid V

S{o}TA organise un nouveau Font Aid V, un projet réunissant les communautés typographiques et de design avec un objectif de collecte de fonds pour accélérer les efforts de secours après le séisme et le tsunami au Japon.


Design studentships in Typography

A message from the Occasional dispatches from the MATD and TDi Panopticon: We are looking for exceptional candidates for full-time postgraduate study in the Department of Typography at Reading.


Font prices: 15 years after…


In 1996, I was asked by the defunct FontShop France to design a page who featured some of my typefaces at the time. FF Angie and Apolline already available, Parisine in two weights only available directly from me. Anisette announced as the next typeface and Le Monde superfamily on the way, as this family was finished and launched in 1997. Then a review and comparison of prices between 1996 and now seems the most interesting part…


Anti-plagiarism tool

In graphic design, typography it can a good idea to develop such tool. In design schools, it should be used for all courses!?

Interesting if used to compare redesign of brands.

AW Conqueror videos

Don’t miss the three YouTube videos created by Reflex Image using extensively the free Typofonderie AW Conqueror family. Watch.


Ukelele 2.0

Can be useful sometimes, Mac OS keyboard editor: Ukelele 2.0


Un caractère, une fonte

Je disais à notre ami Cuisinier sur Facebook

“Une nouvelle Frutiger” (aie aie…)

C’est sympa ces news typo, mais juste un détail: Frutiger comme tous les autres caractères typographiques (typeface en anglais) sont des mots au masculin. le Frutiger, le Garamond, le Retiro…

Employer le mot fonte lorsqu’il s’agit de parler du Garamond Regular ou Optima ExtraLight, car il s’agit du logiciel. Une fonte, des fontes, jamais fonte au singulier pour parler d’une famille de caractères typographiques!

Macworld about font smoothing

Few things about font smoothing on Leopard Snow. Macgénération translation pour nos amis français.

WoodType puzzle


Louis Rigaud have created a similar online tool to create typefaces as the FontStruct tool. The main difference with FontStruct is that the shapes are based on Vox-ATypI classification. You must have a look to it (interface in french, but easy to understand).


Font Discoveries program: in use samples

Logotype: Parisine Plus PTF Sombre. Additional texts: Le Monde Livre Classic. External text: Angie Sans. Design Mathieu Réguer.

Yesterday, I have launched the Font Discoveries program. There is an extensive pdf available for which Mathieu Réguer and myself having designed several fake uses of the various fonts proposed into this first Font Discoveries May 2009.


Font Discoveries program is launched

May 2009 Font Discoveries

This is one of the small idea I have to open a bit more Typofonderie fonts collection to everybody. Every 2 months, I will deliver a special pack at very affordable price (compared to usual prices) who combine various fonts. In July, a new pack will remplace it, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Jump on the May 2009 Font Discoveries for more info about the 4 fonts included: Parisine Plus Sombre PTF Bold Italic, Angie Sans Std Regular, Le Monde Livre Classic Std Swashes, Apolline Std Demi. The available pdf present the 4 fonts in various contexts, samples in use, glyph sets and and so on.


Alphabets poilus

typographie poilue et autres délires avec des lettres

Alphabets poilus et autres bizarreries.

Eula article

The Case for a User-Friendly EULA by Tiffany Wardle is now online. Its a good news: This article first appeared in Interrobang 2, a SOTA publication from 2004. At least, take a look to the comparative chart.

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