Photoshop CS5: enregistremer


Nouvelle manière d’enregistrer ses scripts Photoshop CS5: Enregistremer.
Sans doute une version marine?

iPad: les fontes

Après l’iPhone, bon ce nouveau truc qui devrait sauver la presse, l‘édition et le reste est faible côté typographie, comme Apple depuis plusieurs années le prouve avec ses mises à jour Mac OS. Les problèmes sont déjà connus: Justification des textes, pas de césure, faible support du Fontface, mauvais choix typographiques, etc. Microsoft fait mieux depuis longtemps, et c’est rare pour être noté. Néanmoins, certains rêves de fontes via un App store sur l’iPad.

La liste des fontes disponibles sur l’iPad.
Les commentaires de Stephen Coles au sujet de la typographie sur l’iPad.
Les commentaires de Joel Friedlander, et ici.

Mise à jour
Typekit propose des fontes au format SVG pour l’iPad.

FontBook and 10.6

I have few problems with FontBook under Leopard. Missing fonts appear but can’t find yet a away to find them back. Some Adobe CS applications don’t display fonts that are activated and work with others applications such iWork.

It seems Font caches doesn’t work the same as on 10.5? Even they don’t appear on the usual places?

Just found this pretty large page about fonts on Mac Os. In the past I liked FontNuke, but doesn’t help anymore now. So, I will try FontFinagler. Let’s see this also.

Apple FontBook good help


So good interface design!: Easy to find the missing fonts on Mac Os 10.6 via this windows who appear when you launch the FontBook. Thanks, my life is more easy.

ps. Its just an extract, as the real list is pretty long…

Help doesn’t help


Weird. In Adobe Illustrator recently I came across a strange thing. I have entered too extreme negative kerning between two letters and suddenly this help message confirmed my mistake. The problem that despite trying to press ok 50 times, the help message was still there. Only way, force quit the application via the Apple menu. Nice!

SyncBook is simple

You own an iPhone and need to sync your notes between your Mac and your iPhone. There is a lot of possibilities, but none of them is fully good for my use. I tried several things over the past months, but always be back the Address book to be able to sync my notes from iPhone to Mac and reverse.

SyncBook on iPhone. Image Ross Tulloch.


iWork OpenType features don’t work?

Typography panel: OpenType features don’t work easily

I encounter similar problem with Cocoa typography panel in iWork applications. I say that because it seems to work with TextEdit. Before 10.5, iWork 08, like previous versions worked fine with my machine.

I tried several times to:
— remove iwork prefs (users and general)
— remove font caches with FontNuke
— re-installing iWork from the cd + updates.

Still, typographic features (OpenType features) don’t work well. They are inconsistent without to exactly understand what happening internally.

Its a bug…


Calligraphy and Steve Jobs

Who don’t know this guy?

I found another extract (read the paragraphs here after) from a commencement speech at Stanford University gave by him in 2005. What is interesting for some of us, with strong conection in typography, is that Mr Jobs also practised this art at some point. I must add that Sumner Stone, SumnerStone.html who was the Director of typography at Adobe (1984-87) came also from the same place… the Reed College, and same calligraphy classes by Lloyds Reynolds: “you’ve got a million bad letters in your fist, and the only way to get rid of them is to write them down.” Coincidence?


Calligrapher Jobs?

He said his real education started when he “dropped in’ on whatever classes interested him including calligraphy. Jobs said he lived off 5-cent soda recycling deposits and free food offered by Hare Krishnas while taking classes.

He told the graduates that few friends could see the value of learning calligraphy at the time but that painstaking attention to detail including mastering different “fonts’ was what set Macintosh apart from its competitors.

If I had never dropped out I might never have dropped in on that calligraphy,’ Jobs said.

So, Steve Jobs know what is fonts and calligraphy? Waouh, fans will be pleased. Me? not so much. Good days of GX fonts with some great core fonts published is long ago, toooo long ago. We still stick with the poor Lucida Grande (who still lack italics) on MacOs when on Windows, they manage to have great collection of OpenType fonts specially commissioned.

Monsieur Steve Jobs… please wake up! MacOs deserve correct core fonts.