AUD Type workshop Programme

During the workshop, I will cover various aspect of type design, from handling of Béziers curves, coherence versus contrast, metrics and spacing, use of FontLab, consideration on font formats, legibility, to letterforms structure, importance of writing behind letterforms, etc.

In order to structure the workshop, I propose that schedule built on two projets running in parallel. Indeed, nothing is static, and we will adapt to the everyday situation.

My biggest wish, following the Uqam workshop in Montréal, last May 2004 is that you, students will post some comments about what you learn, discover each day. For that, the two main groups will receive separate access to the publication system on the web to publish any news and images they want. For now, a quick hello from the comments field from you before the launch of the workshop can be a good start!

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Group A Modular type
About 20 students in 4 sub groups, each sub group managing a separate type project. This group require normal level with ability to work on paper or computer, with knowledge on Béziers curves.

Group B Calligraphy based type
About 15 students, in 3 sub groups who will change during the process but working all on the same unique project. This group require high skilled designers in drawing, methodology and Béziers curves.

Wednesday 24 November 2004,
Latin calligraphy for all the groups, with no distinction. Discovering of the calligraphic models. Practise. See dedicated page on material and ressources.

Set up of the 2 groups:
Group A programme
Group B programme
Launching of the various projects.

Jean François Porchez, 5 November 2004

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