AUD: Day five (images)

Already finished yesterday, the workshop was an enlighting experience for all of us. The last day run quite smoothly and the stress was gone when the three fonts appeared as real piece of software. Students told me that they now saw already typefaces on the streets in different way. Its a nice feedback well appreciated.

Thanks to all for the workshop, to Huda to bring that idea during ATypI Prague and special thanks to Nadine who have done fantastic job.

We looking forward to comeback in the future.


The AUD workshop final fonts

Finally, the three fonts are done…


AUD: Day four (images)

This day was much harder for everyone, but a small group of students have done a great job kept working on the outlines in FontLab until midnight. Tomorrow is the last day, and we still have to finish 3 fonts for 7 pm. Now that Typographica has posted a link about this workshop, well, there is no alternative.


AUD: Day three (images)

Students from all the groups have finished the all lowercases today! It was a long day, almost 12 hours of work. We have now three typefaces in production, one calligraphic, and two modular. We lonly 1 day + half day remain, I begin to wonder how we will achieve the final fonts in FontLab? Hopefully, some lowercases of the calligraphic group has been started in FontLab. Tomorrow, there willl be ready almost all caps, and all the rest of the students will receive intensive courses on FontLab. The two modular typefaces are still done only in Illustrator and the switch need to be done pretty soon now.


AUD: Day two (images)

Today, serious things started. Students started to work on type design based on calligraphy (Group B) when others started their work on modular typefaces (Group A).

The Group B was split into 3 sub groups and they presented at the end of the day their proposals, after discussion, we selected the one will be developed by the entire group.

The Group A was split into 2 sub groups. They worked on some concepts and found couple of workable ideas. They will started to work computer next day.


AUD: First day (images)

The first day of the type workshop was too short (half of a normal day of course), we meet with students and they discover latin calligraphy. Later at evening, I gave my lecture and it was followed by a nice dinner in town.

Tomorrow, the groups will be set up, some with stick with calligraphic based typefaces when others will take over some modular typefaces projects.

(images are from bottom to top).


Others events connected to the AUD type workshop

Wednesday 26 November 2004

Public lecture: Jean François Porchez will speak about his own work to students. The lecture is also open to the public.

7:00—8:30 pm
Public Exhibition and Reception.

Sunday 28, Monday 29 November 2004
Free sightseeing day.

Events connected with the AUD type design worskhop (Dubai).

Group B: programme

More detailed programme for the group B.


Group A: programme

More detailed programme for the group A.


AUD Type workshop Programme

2 topics in parallel done by 2 groups of students.
The idea behind these two groups is to offer various methods to design typefaces, using various tools. During the few days, all students will be able to design their own letterforms, work in collaborative way and able to follow others methods in order to develop his critical sense.