ECV 2017 students presentations

Recent projects from the #ecvmdt2018 class (master in typography and design started in early 2012). Our topics cover typography in many area as possible. We invite also several professionals to present they work and share experiences. In next February 2018, we will comeback to New York for visits and masterclasses at the TDC.

#ecvmdt2018 – Presentations

On the 11 December 2017, our students from the master in typographic and design at ECV Paris, presented to a jury, a short synthesis of the projects they worked on since February 2017 (January-April, then October-December). It worked a bit like Pecha Kucha. Here the online version of what the class of 23 students presented. 258 slides total. Their last term will start mid January 2018 to early April 2018.

Instructors and Lecturers for our master include

Publication design: Camille Gallet, Christophe Renard, Loran Stosskopf, Ophélie Hetzel, Mathieu Mermillon
Global identity, branding and graphic design: Aaron Levin, Félix Demargne, Bernard Brechet, Jonathan da Costa
Typeface design, Bespoke typography, lettering: Mathieu Réguer, Julien Priez, Joachim Vu, Jean François Porchez

Jean François Porchez, 9 January 2018

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