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Since the few weeks spent at Type@Cooper in 2012 as instructor with Stéphane Elbaz, I have kept contact with our past students. There is no weeks without news from them, some have been to KABK TypeMedia, MATD Reading, designed successful typefaces; others started a new life. We will definitely keep in touch for the future. Why that? Simply because such program is so intensive, a lot of energy going on everyday. We’re litterally all deeply immersed into letter shapes 24 hours a day. Many of us already experienced 2-3 days workshops, it’s fabulously intense and great, we learn so many new things. Just imagine this same mood but for 5 weeks!

In Europe, there is not much of type design related workshops. We have great longterm high level type design masters for a full year, or calligraphy evening classes, not so much alternatives as the Type@Cooper Condensed program. As student, continuing studying typeface design as a supplementary year looks feasible, but as professional, with an established life, clients, it isn’t any easy decision to move to a new country, a new city for a full year. But taking five weeks off in summer for Paris, it isn’t the worst infeasible idea? Looks suddenly a real option to consider.

Drawing by hand on tracing paper — Adrien Menard working on few glyphs during a workshop at the TDC in 2015 #ecvny2015

It’s why last summer, we came to the conclusion that can be a good idea to launch it in Paris. The first thing was to find with Véronique the right place in Paris for Type@Paris. After various potential options, we built a partnership with the new building of ECV Paris. The place is right on Latin quarter border, in front of the Jardin des Plantes, not far away from the Seine. This situation looks perfect for summertime. The next step was to works on budgets, building the program, finding the right balance between local and international instructors.

In October 2014, when I called Stéphane Elbaz about the need of a website for this project to be launched in 2015, he was immediately enthousiaste. With Christopher Hall, they currently work hard to be ready for the launch of the website in the next couple of weeks. The brand identity was in fact created by Stéphane Elbaz, as the quintessence of his website design.

Type@Paris program isn’t finalized yet, but the core team is up, ready to start. Mathieu Réguer, longtime collaborator of Typofonderie, Malou Verlomme and myself will be everyday with the students. For the first week, Franck Jalleau, type designer at Imprimerie Nationale since the 90s, founder of the Estienne school DSAA design typographique program will join us to teach own to design Renaissance typefaces influenced by calligraphy and writing. How one influence the other, despite two separate activities. We will received various experts regularly during the program, confirmed experts include: Jeremy Tankard, one of the most innovative English typeface designer; Lucas de Groot, well know for is Calibri typeface used worldwide, etc. As I have say, the program isn’t yet finalized, and I’m happy to announce that Julien Priez, talented lettering and typeface designer will join us as the great Nadine Chahine, who will share her tremendous knowledge about typeface legibility, latin, arabic, chinese. More people will be announced in the future and we will also organize regular evening talks during this period in Paris, open to everybody. Exciting news for Parisians and anyone interested!

English will be the main language, so this program is open to anyone interested. French instructors will speak in English, but will be happy to switch to French with certain students private exchange when necessary.

We are about to launch the final Type@Paris website, so, if interested to apply for this new typedesign program, to be sure to don’t miss the deadline for your application, subscribe to our mailing list.

Keep in touch via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Jean François Porchez, 25 February 2015

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