ECV 2014 students typefaces

As in 2013, our students from the #ecvmdt2015 have to work on a revival of typeface: Re-création that’s the word we use in French.

Typeface design isn’t the central thing of this Typographic design master, its just part of the topics we cover, who help them to open their eyes to shapes of letterforms, what mean spacing, texture and typographic in general. This year, our 22 students have to select from a range of historical models we collected for them. They really discovered through this project how to draw letterforms, something they never tried in the past. This project of six sessions (in 18 hours) started on October 2014. They have to deliver their finished typeface early January 2015. The instructors included Malou Verlomme, Mathieu Réguer and Jean François Porchez.

Quick overview of the process

1. Brief, selecting the sources.
2. Analyse, mood boards to definite the typeface genre, style, specific details.
3. Drawing of keyword hanfigeplurosty in lowercases on tracing paper (similar method as at Type@Cooper 2012).
4. Extension to a full lowercases set + the same keyword in capitals.
5. Full capitals and lowercases completed sets on tracing paper.
6. Digitization including learning of their first font design application (Robofont).
7. Adjustments, extension to figures and few punctuations.
8. Last design details, font production, specimens.

A selection of typefaces designed by the students

(In no particular order)

Typeface Gouda by Clément Frassi:

Typeface Bodoni Revival by Lea Magnan:

Typeface Haarlem AM by Adrien Ménard:

Typeface Rosart by Célia Vitali:

Typeface Rabelais by Lea Maupetit:

Typeface Electra by Julie Soudanne:
Electra-Regular_Specimen_Julie Soudanne.png

Typeface Sphinx Revival by Lea Taillefert:

Typeface Le Vincent by Juliette Collin:

Jean François Porchez, 28 January 2015

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