ECV 2013 students presentations

This master in typographic design started in early 2012, its the second class (called promo 14). The group of various instructors that I manage works well. Our topics cover typography in many area as possible: identity, editorial project, signage, events identity. In addition we teach them lettering, and typeface design. We invite also several professional to present they work and share experiences.

In next February 2014, we will comeback to New York for visits and masterclasses at the TDC. You can read about the program from 2013.

Instructors for this past ECV 2013 semester

Aaron Levin, Felix Demargne, Muriel Paris, Alexandre Dumas de Rauly, Malou Verlomme, Mathieu Réguer, Loran Stosskopf, Guillaume Chifflot, Thibault Sailly, Xavier Laforge and myself.

Lecturers for this past ECV 2013 semester

Gregory Vincens (4uatre + FontYou), Damien Gautier (Bureau 205), Sandra Chamaret (Grand Ensemble) about Roger Excoffon.

ECV M2 Promo 2014 – Presentations

On the 16 December 2013, our students from the master in typographic design at ECV Paris, presented to a jury, a short synthesis of the projects they worked on since end of september 2013. It worked a bit like Pecha Kucha. Here the online version of what the class of 13 students presented. 155 slides total.

Our students have to present two parts:

1. First part was an editorial project about a graphic designer or typographer started few months ago, generally conducted by group of two students.
8 slides in 8 minutes total, in french.

2. Part two, they just presented an actual selection of the projects they wanted.
6 images in 6 minutes total, in english

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Jean François Porchez, 8 January 2014

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