ATypI 13: Pearls of wisdom from the type crit #1 #2

Type Crit - 1.jpg, image by Pedro Amado
image by Pedro Amado

Pedro Amado posted two good quotes for typeface design students:

When designing the first characters of a typeface [as a rule of thumb] it’s a good idea to set the widths of the side bearings equal to a couple of stems. And work your way in.
Gerry Leonidas + @twitter

When starting a typeface design, design the normal and the bold weights at the same time. Only of a small set of characters. If you design a font [weight] — it’s an island. But if you design more than one, you are designing the relationships — you are designing the recipe.
Erik van Blokland + @twitter

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Jean François Porchez, 13 October 2013

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