ECV Typography 2013 in New York

A year ago, a new master was launched at ECV Paris (nothing really yet on the ECV website). Since, I dedicate my free time to manage this master, invent with the team new methods to teach typography, to built a program. So far its an inspiring experience. Its a three semesters program focusing on typography, typeface design, type history, layout, grids, typeface selection, etc. We invite(d) a lot of various people to speak about calligraphy, type selection, typography in communication, corporate identity, role of typography in editorial projects, typeface design, typeface production, licensing, authors rights, etc. In addition our students wrote 25 pages about a typeface designer + interview + analyse of his work, typefaces. The current list instructors and visitors include so far: Frank Adebiaye, Cara di Eduardo, Alexandre Dumas de Rauly, Stéphane Elbaz, Tom Grace, Aaron Levin, Daniel Morris, Muriel Paris, Jean François Porchez, David Rault, Mathieu Réguer, Sonia da Rocha, Sasha Tochilovsky, Pierre di Scuillo, Christian Schwartz, Paul Shaw, Nick Sherman, Miguel Sousa, Malou Verlomme, Michel Wlassikoff.

ECV typography annual trip to New York 2013

The greatest part of this new Master is that a group of students will visit New York between the 20 and 25 February 2013. For them, I have built a strong program with the help of many friends in New York and elsewhere. It was natural to organise few masterclasses at TDC New York, because of the partnership started between TDC and ECV Paris back in 1995. We wanted to show to our students what typography and graphic design mean internationally, to open their eyes to a certain level of professional quality.


21 February 2013
TDC: Typography and web, Stéphane Elbaz.
TDC: Type specimens, wood type, new technology, Nick Sherman.
Visit at Behance.

22 February 2013
Columbia University: Butler library. Rare Book and Manuscript Library.
Lubalin Center: Sasha Tochilovsky will present the huge collection.
Visit at Kettle NYC.
+ Theatre: Sleep no more.

23 February 2013
TDC: Art of spacing + recent type projects, Christian Schwartz.
TDC: Calligraphy influence on typeface structure. Cara di Eduardo.

24 February 2013
Type Walk in New York: with Paul Shaw.
+ Few museums…

25 February 2013
The Arm Press Workshop with Daniel Morris.
TDC: Conclusion, Aaron Levin.

So, rather to invite even more people in Paris, moving directy to New York seems even more fun for the students! But not only as students are in charge to conduct quick interviews of all people they will meet during this trip — we expect a lot of material in the forthcoming weeks! And we can’t wait for a new trip in 2014, to meet more good and talentued people.

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Jean François Porchez, 13 February 2013

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