CooperType 2012: Final

On the image, all of us (the two groups + instructors) for the final pizza party.

Last Tuesday 20 July 2012 was the last day, after 19 days of intense typeface design courses (4 days by week), Fridays dedicated to Libraries visits and study weekends, our group 2 presented the result of their typeface project. Each of the student worked on a main typeface, followed by a secondary typeface and even more additionnal styles in many cases. The two groups meet and they presented their typeface design project. Here few extracts from our group 2 presentations. Along with Stéphane Elbaz, as instructors of the group 2, it was a fabulous experience and the students worked a lot to produce great typefaces. None of us imagined to be able to see so complete typefaces after only few weeks of work, congratulations to all of the students!

Want to do the same? simply join us next year. More information on the official website: Type@Cooper/condensed.

Weeks after weeks

CooperType 2012: First exercise
CooperType 2012: First exercise, final
CooperType 2012: Personal project
CooperType 2012: Personal project 2
CooperType 2012: Final
CooperType Condensed program 2012
The Handwriting Is on the Wall, Imprint, Print Magazine
The 2012 Type@Cooper Condensed Program, report by Hannes Famira

The typefaces

Extracts from the presentations. Disclaimer: Only group 2 typefaces are presented here, recall there is even more from the group 1 conducted by Just van Rossum and Hannes Famira.

Cole Imperi

Edgardo Flavio Lopez Martinez

Étienne Aubert Bonn

Gilad Fried

Henrik Kubel

Kevin Paolozzi

Manuel Olmo

Maria Montes

Mark De Winne

Matthew Wyne

Raymond Bobar

Ron Gilad

Sara Shaaban

ps. Even Jason Santa Maria want to apply in 2013

Jean François Porchez, 24 July 2012

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