Designing fonts in collaborative way

To answer about the Collaborative way of design fonts (students) question posted here and here.

Collaborative is the best way I found to let students achieve in a short time a font and see all aspect of the designing, production until the finished product. I can’t see in couple of days (workshop) or 3 hours by week, any student be able to design complete font from scratch without background.

Design decisions are made by students themselves and I’m just be there to help them to formulate clearly their ideas. When you have 12 students, the best is to set up sub groups of 3/4 and ask each sub group to doing proposal for the type structure, then, the 3 sub groups discuss their various proposal and select one of them. To be able to do that proposal, I cut in 3 parts the alphabet giving basic necessary shapes to each groups to let them built their ideas.

Later, a when the concept is selected, each group got a related selection of the alphabet, some will get for example h,n,m,u, others bdpq, etc. Generally, in couple of hours, we get all the 26 letters.

The interesting aspect of that method, is none of the students are lost during the process. Whatsoever their skills, levels, all of them, be able to follow all the process.

Check all images and QT of last week workshop in Montréal where 22 students designed 4 almost complete Type 1 fonts.

I’m pretty sure that Underware do collaborative type design projects for similar reasons.

Jean François Porchez, 6 May 2004

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