Group B: programme

Wednesday 24 November 2004,
Selection of the best letterforms from all the students work, all put on an unique sheet of paper, enlargements made at 7 centimeters high for the xheight. Then, set up of 3 to 4 by sub-groups. Each group will work separately. Research for the best typographical system according to the calligraphic structure, in group of 3-4 people. Then, a joint discussion of all groups to select the model and its style (serif structure, contraste, general style, proportions). Set up of the grid issued from this research. From this, all students will follow this unique grid to finish the rest of the typeface.

Thursday 25 November 2004
Each sub group will be in charge of the design of some glyphs, sharing in most of the case similar structure in order to work faster: Adaptation of the whole alphabet to the grid, for lowercases, then most of the capitals, then figures, punctuation if possible? In fact, during the process, because of the several sub groups, no one will be at the same stage. Some will continue to finalize drawings of lowercases, when others will start capitals or figures. At the end of the days, first scans of the finished letters: make .tiff B&W, all the same height in pixels, at a resolution of 400 px.

Friday 26 November 2004
Together with the drawing on paper of the remain letters, scans of more drawings. First steps on the computers, with FontLab. During the day, more and more people will switch to screen drawing.

Saturday 27 November 2004
All the day to finish the final fonts when some of others working on layout concepts to present the fonts.

Jean François Porchez, 5 November 2004

typographie, design, typofonderie,