Group A: programme

Wednesday 24 November 2004,
Individual research on various type modular systems, based on a small lowercase set such n, o, p, a, e, f, g). Presentations to the rest of the group of the various proposal, discussions, selections, then distribution of the work to the 4 sub groups.

Thursday 25 November 2004,
At this time, the 4 typeface concepts of the 4 sub groups should be defined. Designing of all lowercases. End of the morning, meeting of all the subgroups together.

Lowercases, then first capitals (G, R, H, E, O, N, A). Some of the students can start to work on the computers, finalizing on Illustrator the concepts.

Friday 26 November 2004,
Basic forms of lowercases should be finished. Capitals still on the way. Starting figures, and basic punctuation.

Some of the students start to switch to FontLab, in order to built the FontLab file: proportions, corrections of the Béziers curves, metrics, etc.

Saturday 27 November 2004
All the day to finish the final fonts when some of others working on layout concepts to present the fonts.

Jean François Porchez, 5 November 2004

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