AUD, Tools and ressources


During the first day, you will need some calligraphic models (pdf files):
Caroline 1 and 2

Analogical material

For the first days, you will mostly need: paper with squares 5×5 (or similar), tracing paper in quantity (90 gr. preferably), dry pencils (3h, 5h, 7h), black felt Stabilo stylist (who work well on tracing paper, no water based ones), felt Pentel N50, cutter, rule, square, gum, adhesive tape, ink (standard ink ‘cartouche? tank?’ it is perfect, not China ink).

Broad edge pen Speedball (3 mm) will be provided by me.

Digital material

On computer side, you should have FontLab 4.5 at least, and Photoshop to copy and past the scans (?), InDesign for testing sheets and final showing of the final fonts.

At least you need a Macintosh who run MacOs 9.2, or better, one like that with MacOs X.

Jean François Porchez, 5 November 2004

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