Robert Parker logotype: refused

In 2013, ZeCraft was asked by a design agency to work on logotype based on the original signature of Robert Parker, the wine advocate. In fact, I have asked to received several of his signature, using various tools and papers. I have worked closely with this agency. Proposed few options in June 2013, then the agency selected the option 1, from which we came to a good solution in July 2013. The accepted project end up as a final artwork delivered at the time. Unexpectedly, in September 2013, the agency came back to ask for modifications. A new final artwork was delivered at the time. But, sadly the logotype was used as expected. It ended up as another nice refused project. Here after the various steps of this project. Enjoy!

robert-parker-refused 01
Original signature. Initial drawing on tracing paper, 1 cm high, June 2013

robert-parker-refused 02
^Initial Béziers curves drawing. Optimization: larger xheight, few other details
Option 1, presented to the client. June 2013^

robert-parker-refused 03
Option 2, presented to the client (recommandation). Option 3, presented to the client. June 2013

robert-parker-refused 04
Final artwork delivered to the client. Additional elements. July 2013

robert-parker-refused 05
Changes requested by the client, then a new artwork was delivered. September 2013

Jean François Porchez, 27 March 2014

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