Typofonderie first ad featuring Le Monde

PTF Annonce EG34 le Monde family, 1997 by Porchez Typofonderie

Directly from my archives, the first announcement of Le Monde family + few others typefaces from Typofonderie, at the time under the name Porchez Typofonderie. It was published in Étapes Graphiques no 34, November 1997.

Goodies: Le Monde T-shirt specially produced for the launch was sent with earlier licenses of the family!

Fonts prices in 1997

See this 2011 post for reference.
1000 french francs = roughly 150 euros

Angie Sans

3 styles, 600 francs


5 styles, 1000 francs


6 styles, 1900 francs


2 styles, 800 francs

Le Monde Journal or Le Monde Livre or Le Monde Courrier

6 styles, 1100 francs

Le Monde Sans

14 styles, 3500 francs

Le Monde Complete (family)

Le Monde Journal, Le Monde Sans, Le Monde Livre, Le Monde Courrier all together
Complete family 8900 francs

Jean François Porchez, 3 December 2013
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