BHV Marais typeface

BHV Marais is a two styles all caps bespoke font designed by Jean François Porchez at ZeCraft for the Parisian department store Le BHV Marais

During my stay my 5 weeks stay in New York CooperType back in summer 2012, I have designed a bespoke typeface for a large typical parisian department store called BHV (Bazar de l’Hotel de Ville, the iconic losange-roof logotype was designed by Carré Noir back in the 70’s).

The idea was to change his name to Le BHV Marais to connect it more to the great area of le Marais. The design agency Publicis Royalties worked on the global identity, I worked on a unique typeface for them. The biggest challenge was to create optically correct diagonals for all letters such A, V, W, M and endings, something generally no easy to do. Well, it was necessary in order to strengthen the Publicis Royalties’s concept of the slash used on the new identity-logotype, then in advertisements.

In order to find the right balance, I have designed several widths (wide to narrow) and weights, from Hairline to Black. It helped a lot to find the right adjustment for the final typeface used on the brand.

Check more larger samples of BHV Marais on ZeCraft website + applications by Publicis Royalties, the design agency.

Jean François Porchez, 17 December 2013
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