Illinois Illustrator 1011


because every road sign has Illinois Illustrator 1011 on it. And people get confused. @klimtypefoundry

Last Night, a typeface saved my life

For sure Kris Sowersby is 100% right, it happen all the time. Even on the métro in Paris, all signs are set with such glyphs in every stations. Direction are much more clear with this text set everyday, at least we can check that the typeface is legible. But all passengers are lost, thanks to this unique repetitive signage everywhere. Cruel world.

Seriously, a legible typeface require a little bit more work than just designing “agh! iIl1 0O” different from each others.

→ Parisine: A workhorse & economical sanserif in 16 series
→ Parisine Plus: A fancy sanserif in 16 series.
→ Parisine Office: Humanistic sanserif in 4 series.

Jean François Porchez, 13 November 2012

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