ATypI 1996 The Hague

Moving to a new place, filling out boxes and boxes is a good excuse to bring back old stuff found inside the cover of some books. The today images came from the glorious days before digital cameras. Few images, low quality, but fun to rediscover, especially when you still know all the people on the images today and how they are. The images have been take during ATypI 1996 conference, The Hague. Enjoy, have fun.

ATypI1996 SamBerlow SumnerStone JonathanHoefler TobiasFrereJones
Sam Berlow from the Font Bureau, Sumner Stone from Stone Type foundry, Jonathan Hoefler from Hoefler Type foundry, Jane Patterson, Tobias Frere-Jones from the Font Bureau (at the time).

ATypI1996 MartinMajoor ThomasGravemaker
Martin Majoor, Thomas Gravemaker and few others having fun in the middle of the night.

ATypI1996 PowerBook5300 DavidLemon
David Lemon from Adobe Systems and his new Power Book 5300.

ATypI1996 JustvanRossum JanMiddendorp
Just van Rossum Jan Middendorp looking at the newly printed Haagse letters a nice book about Dutch typeface design.

Jean François Porchez, 23 October 2012

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