Le Monde Livre Classic revisited: Merci!

Sometimes, projects take a while. Le Monde Livre Classic was one of them. But we are finally happy to launch it tomorrow Tuesday 2nd October 2012. The PRO version will be available exclusively on Typofonderie.

Key numbers (stupid & fun stats): 6 styles. 800 alternates/finals/ligatures by style. 9757 glyphs. 93 ornaments. 2100 code lines just for Italic OpenType features and classes. 500 000 kerning pairs by style (kern feature expanded). 8 kg of paper for all testings. Initial design in 1999. Redesign started in 2006 (hours are not recorded). Full family in otf font format 1.8 mb. + one ligature aringacute_t by style.


Thanks to the wonderful team and in particularly Mathieu Réguer who never counted his hours on the OpenType features, bug tracking over the past months. As he says:

Le Monde Livre Classic is a design that was technically challenging on every levels: a good deal of effort went into making sure that the resulting font family was ergonomic and usable, despite its complexity, but we also had to rethink our workflow and develop new production strategies just to make the decision making process reasonable and keep the development manageable.


2 October 2012 update: Le Monde Livre Classic is now available for purchase at Typofonderie.

Jean François Porchez, 1 October 2012

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