The computer as modern art

A search on other subject just showing this article from Maclean’s, back on 17th October 2011 about Steve Jobs. Based on a discussion on a sunday by phone with Anne Kingston. Never seen the result before!

Paris-based designer Jean François Porchez of Typofonderie believes the Mac, with its black-type-on-white screen, multiple typefaces and proportionately spaced fonts (all Jobs’s directives), ushered in a design revolution: “In terms of democratizing design it was every bit as significant as Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press, he say.

Such simplicity is the most difficult thing to achieve in design, says Porchez. “It’s a difficult decision to say you refuse some functionality for the user, but it’s for his own benefit.”

From The computer as modern art Jobs didn’t just sell Macs and iPods, he made beautiful objects—a revolutionary idea in his industry

Maclean’s masterhead design by ZeCraft, 2009.

Jean François Porchez, 1 January 2012

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