BITS MMX: Looking in Details


The second edition of BITS will start in few days in Bangkok, Thailand. The speaker list for this new edition is impressive. I wish to the organisers a successful event!

I have just found a long and precise report from last year by He summarised quite well of my remarks:

Jean François Porchez might have even added that such practices of taking type for granted are simply unprofessional. His presentation was quite similar to Schwartz in a sense that he talked about the process, though it wasn’t on collaboration, but rather the actual type design process and how clients play an important role in it. In fact, he even stated at the beginning of his presentation that it is not possible to come up with a design without first understanding the context and objective of the client. He guided us through a series of projects including Parisine, Henderson, Retiro, and Vuitton. One of the many interesting issues raised in the presentation was the idea of modernization. Brands with a long history, such as Louis Vuitton and AW Conqueror (both are Porchez’s’ client), have to evolve and a way to do that is to modernize its image. But what is modern? We used the word carelessly since decades ago and will probably continue to use it decades from now. For most people, who are ignorant of modernism, it’s probably just a word easier said than contemporary. ‘So, is there a method in which we could make type look modern?’ an audience asked. His answer? ‘You are a designer of your time, that is why everything you do is modern. Try to be yourself, always.’ A bit egotistic but true. New tools and technology continue to change and shape our everyday life. How then, can type, a creation of our mind, not be a product of our time? Even the context in which we apply type changes. Moreover, some typefaces may have been designed years ago before rising to popularity or becoming a representation of an era. It just depends on when and where the designers and their audience would bring it to center stage.

BITS 2011

Jean François Porchez, 22 October 2011

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