Moulin Rouge lettering: refused

moulinrouge2009 1
This first trial was an adaptation from the façade of the Moulin Rouge.

In 2009, I was asked by a design agency to work for a day, to help them to win a competition. Few months after, I have learnt that the competition was lost and later, Brand New published the results. Does the new accepted logotype is a good one? its another story already debated at Brand New.

s*t*e*v*i*e Façade, Moulin Rouge, Pigalle, Paris
Façade, Moulin Rouge, Pigalle, Paris: by karola jackson.

Its clear that in 8 hours, when you’ve got only letterforms to play with, the first thing who came to mind is to bring back the original signs used on the famous Moulin Rouge. So, my objective was to emulate the light from theses signs but in black and white. Another aspect was the show itself with all the lights, dancers and so on, a mixture between Montmartre, Paris nights, Cancan, Pigalle with a touch of Las Vegas for the neon atmosphere. Enjoy…

moulinrouge2009 2

moulinrouge2009 3

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Armin Vit posted a Quipsologies about it.

Jean François Porchez, 25 March 2011

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