Type credits: Caledonia, Apolline


This colophon: Caledonia is not only a typeface with a very clever description, but the life of the designer is also well referenced. Bravo!

There is a tradition old as the invention of printing to credit typography at the end of books and publications. Some examples are better and more signifiant than others. This scan was sent by one of my client, Henri Jakubowicz, a golf player who collect golf instruction booklets. Even, he published a book about his findings:

Rusty Staples, or aspects of Collecting Golf instruction booklets

His book is quite astonishing, set in Apolline with its ligatures, alternates set by hand (before OpenType). Wonderful for a non graphic designer! Your client is suddenly not only a simple client, but became an amateur in a good sense. We say in french, an amateur éclairé. Hopefully for him, Apolline in its PTF version will be launched in the spring 2011.(Apolline PTF specimen at Facebook Typofonderie

Jean François Porchez, 12 March 2011

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