Quotes on Typography & Type Design

Alessandro Segalini have built a good list of quotes on Typography and Typedesign over the years.

Few hazardous picked quotes from his 115 quotes page:

Quote #001
“There is nothing simple or dull in achieving the transparent page.
Vulgar ostentation is twice as easy as discipline. When you realise
that ugly typography never effaces itself, you will be able to capture
beauty as the wise men capture happiness by aiming at something else.”
Beatrice Warde (1900-1969), “The Cristal Goblet”

Quote #013
“ The only complete reading is that which transforms the book
into a simultaneous network of reciprocal relations. “
Jean Rousset (1910-2002)

Quote #054
“ Language is not so much a creator or shaper of human nature,
so much as a window onto human nature. “
Steven Pinker

Quote #062
“ Humanist sans are typefaces to be read. They may be drawn with only
one thickness of line (although not all of them are) so that they stand
foursquare on the page in the way that a modulated serif text face
usually does not, and they may be stripped of serifs so that they look
streamlined and somehow modern, but they have the forms we’re used to
in a typeface for reading. They fit together well — the best ones,
anyway — and they flow along the line of text. Most of them have true
italics, not just slanted versions of the roman letters, and the best
include old-style figures and small caps, which are attributes of a text face.
Readability isn’t just a matter of serifs.
Some very talented type designers have given us a wealth of new tools
to work with ; let’s put them to use. “
John D. Berry

Quote #064
“ Typography has one plain duty before it and that is to convey information in writing. “
Emil Ruder (1914-1970)

Quote #067
“ If you want to learn new things, you should try reading old books. “
Richard Cytowic

Quote #097
“ It is almost impossible to look and read at the same time: they are different actions. “
Gerard Unger (1942-), “While You’re Reading”

Jean François Porchez, 11 September 2009

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