Font Shuffle 1.1

I like this iPhone app, despite that I don’t use it as type designer. Its very clever and I like the fact they have switched from Hamburgefontis to Ramburgefonstiv!:

“First you get an extra letter for free (v) and the uppercase R is much more distinctive in the design of a font that the uppercase H, because you see a curve and a diagonal stroke. Additionally the ending -stiv is much more realistic than -ontis because you find st und iv in many common words.”

Also, the french words used for font categories make more sense to me obviously. I’m saying that because for so long I fight again stupid french localisations without too much great success, so when something happen, its good.

I also contributed to the french localization. Yves Peters already done a lot, my contribution was matter of minutes, not hours.

ps. grande mobilisation on 14th July 2009.

Jean François Porchez, 19 August 2009

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