Font Discoveries program: in use samples

Yesterday, I have launched the Font Discoveries program. There is an extensive pdf available for which Mathieu Réguer and myself having designed several fake uses of the various fonts proposed into this first Font Discoveries May 2009.

Here after several extracted fake in use.

Logotype: Parisine Plus PTF Sombre. Additional texts: Le Monde Livre Classic. External text: Angie Sans. Design Mathieu Réguer.

Running title: Apolline. Title: Angie Sans. Text: Apolline. Comments: Le Monde Livre Classic. Design Mathieu Réguer.

Album name: Parisine Plus PTF, Artist names: Angie Sans. Logotype: Apolline & Le Monde Livre Classic. Design Jean François Porchez.

Book title: Parisine Plus PTF Sombre. Author: Angie Sans. Design Jean François Porchez.

Company: Le Monde Livre Classic. Name: Angie Sans. Function: Apolline. Address: Apolline and Le Monde Livre Classic. Design Jean François Porchez.

Jean François Porchez, 19 May 2009

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