Étienne Robial website

Image: Étapes and On-Off productions.

Étienne Robial is one of the key figure in France for TV motions graphics. He have created over the years a fabulous identity for Canal+ using old typefaces scanned and keeps as they are, to create an irregular effect, quite suitable to low resolution of TV for years (still). Its also why he created a variation of Futura always used in italic caps for all text used on Canal+ network. Clever idea, clever guy. Many designers share same fascination for Robial work. Étienne Robial attitude was was generally in reverse to usual trends of the day, as he never was so much into 3Ds graphics and so on.

He doesn’t work anymore at Canal+ and recently, Étienne Robial relaunched his website.

You may enjoy this book and this one.

Jean François Porchez, 21 April 2009

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