iPhone Font applications

As font designer who use an iPhone, I have a dream.

I like the apps model that Apple developed over the past months and when I have read that even inside applications, people will be able to buy content, updates and so on, I have the feeling that suddenly newspapers (and others) will be able to sell content to users (something that wasn’t possible with the web in the first years, limited technology, etc.).

I suppose that many graphic designers and type freaks want to have more than Georgia and Verdana available on their iPhone to read their favorite blogs, web publications, set emails, or even use custom fonts in some applications.

So, based on the obvious needs for fonts, it should be a great idea to make theses fonts available as any others apps for a small fee. I will be sure that I will not be the only type designer who will be very happy to be sure that people who use his fonts on his iPhone (up to 5) have paid the licence!

Jean François Porchez, 25 March 2009

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