SyncBook is simple

You own an iPhone and need to sync your notes between your Mac and your iPhone. There is a lot of possibilities, but none of them is fully good for my use. I tried several things over the past months, but always be back the Address book to be able to sync my notes from iPhone to Mac and reverse.

Some don’t sync correctly, some others sync to a website where you need to set an account and eventually paid for more space, some others iphone Notes applications don’t sync. For years, it was so simple to create notes on my Palm, then Tréo and sync to the Mac Soho Notes. Why is suddenly so complex? Then, you have a bunch of GTD applications…

Then, I discovered SyncBook. Its not perfect, but its simple, very simple and it work easily. Simplicity is one of his best argument and its why I like it, it make it obvious. The Mac side application is pretty basic but what you need is there and it use Simple text as note editor, so your notes are saved as .txt files. There is also a similar application called NotePadSync, and NotePad, etc.

SyncBook on iPhone. Image Ross Tulloch.

SyncBook on your Mac. Image Ross Tulloch.

With adding complex editing capacities to SyncBook, with all possible limits due to the fact that iPhone can’t be a Mac, perhaps, it can be better. If the wonderful Textile markup language is added on the Mac side, basic structure can be displayed on the iPhone with a simple CSS?

TaskPaper is a similar idea, using quite basic Text editing capacities to draft any ideas, to structure any texts easily without all unecessary effects who generally disturb us from the content itself and limit the use of the content to the application itself. An iPhone version of Taskpaper seems planned? If its the case, I will switch to it immediately.

Jean François Porchez, 12 November 2008

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