Typefoundries on Facebook: A growing list

originally posted on the 6 november 2008, now updated

Facebook is a community where you can create your own page, a group, etc. Pages section on Facebook doesn’t allow enough categories to my opinion, so for niches like typefoundries, its not easy to view all of them, its why I tried to compile this list. The most easiest until now was to view Pages of your friends to find a new one. This recall me a bit early days of the web, where no search engine like Google existed.


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I missed some of them, yes for sure, let me know, thanks.

13 01 2009: Matthew Carter
03 01 2009: Typotheque
10 12 2008: TCI: Typographic Crime Investigators
09 12 2008: Jan Tschichold
20 11 2008: Typo magazine
11 11 2008: Baskerville, Garamond
6 11 2008: SudTipos

Jean François Porchez, 3 January 2009

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