iWork OpenType features don’t work?

Typography panel: OpenType features don’t work easily

I encounter similar problem with Cocoa typography panel in iWork applications. I say that because it seems to work with TextEdit. Before 10.5, iWork 08, like previous versions worked fine with my machine.

I tried several times to:
— remove iwork prefs (users and general)
— remove font caches with FontNuke
— re-installing iWork from the cd + updates.

Still, typographic features (OpenType features) don’t work well. They are inconsistent without to exactly understand what happening internally. Sometimes, Typographic panel is active and work well, until I switch to another font family. If I key a text like “Texte Th ct st ffi 0123456” and I try to apply globally ligatures, rare ligatures, various figures/figures spacings, it doesn’t work or rare ligatures produce ligatures, or reverse. Weird.

Similar problems appear whatever I try them with Apple core fonts like Hoefler Text (AAT font), Adobe Pro fonts like Garamond Premier (OpenType Type 1 flavor), like Microsoft Vista fonts like Corbel (OpenType TrueType flavor), like my own fonts in .otf or .ttf with OpenType features.

There is an Apple bug or a problem on my Powerbook Pro with my 10.5 install??

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Its a bug…

Jean François Porchez, 26 September 2008

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