Le Monde Sans PTF is different

This 1994 family, Le Monde Sans PTF was relaunched in september 2008 in OpenType pro version. There is an extensive pdf specimen available.

Le Monde Sans PTF was partially redesigned, when the others members not in their OpenType conversions. Indeed, all of the families still need new glyphs when you do an OpenType conversion, for the simple reason of the extended glyph set and OpenType features. But in the case of Le Monde Sans PTF, it was different, the structure of the letters have been rebuilt, alignments, some tensions in curves, etcs. [UPDATE: Small caps have been added to many weights too: ExtraLight, Light, ExtraBold, Black and their italics.]

Its an interesting job to be able to correct old forms that you have polished long ago, who months after months begin to lost their design quality (in your designer’ eyes). Its looklike they getting older in your eyes, when in fact they don’t move at all, its just your eyes who ask for better, because you gain experience. Indeed when you correct some forms, it should stay more or less invisible to the eyes of the public.

Perhaps, type lovers will be interested to compare some settings on the two pdfs available, side to side, specially big sizes.

— Redesigned version in 2008, pdf download

— Original version from 1994, pdf download

Its a family compatible with the rest of Le Monde family, such Le Monde Journal PTF, Le Monde Courrier PTF and Le Monde Livre PTF (this later feature a smaller xheight). When I say compatible, I mean that the main weights are designed to be used jointly in a layout, identity, etc. OpenType features work also in same way.

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Jean François Porchez, 26 September 2008

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