Catsilou Nord = Noir?

Does not “Nord” in French signify “North”, as in Gare du Nord train depot?

Its not easy to answer. What you say about French is right, but I can’t say that is the explanation behind Antique Olive Nord. Beside this, perhaps Roger Excoffon called Nord in reference to some posters made by Cassandre? You can also conclude that Nord refer to Noir because in North of France, mining was a major industry and people working there are called “Gueules Noires.” There is someone who perhaps still can answer: José Mendoza who have draw at least the first lettering job, from which Nord was based later: AIR FRANCE when he was Excoffon assistant.

What I can tell you is that “Nord” was published in first, to be prescise: without Antique Olive associated. The Nord specimen include a text starting by: “Blanc, gris, noir.” Some will see some relation between noir (black weight in french) and nord… Still on the Nord specimen: “Authentique ligne d’autorité, le Nord domine et ordonne la page.”

As I have say before Nord was launched first, then Antique Olive later. It was a marketing trick: You own Nord, you use it, like it, you need the full expended family, “Antique Olive.”

Last but not least, the original name for Antique Olive was: Catsilou. This word probably have a Provençal origin.

Jean François Porchez, 8 August 2008

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