Sabon Next Pro specimen

The original Sabon Next was designed in Type 1 format back in 2002. In 2006, I have created the Sabon Next Pro version in OpenType, finally published by Linotype early 2008. There is a printed specimen originally created in 2002 by Muriel Paris who will be updated in forthcoming months. So, because as many websites, Linotype current website can’t show easily all options available for the Sabon Next Pro, such OT features and so on, we’ve decided with Linotype staff to put on their website at visitors disposal, a short pdf version (25 pages, A4 format).

Until this happen soon, please enjoy it directly from the designer… Click to download the pdf.

Sabon Next OpenType

Sabon Next 1 value pack
Sabon Next 2 value pack
Sabon Next 3 value pack

Jean François Porchez, 18 July 2008

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