Meilleurs voeux 2008

Best Wishes 2008

Best Wishes & Meilleurs voeux 2008, blabla, usual stuff to all…

No real clear ideas this year, like every past years.

Its really difficult to design something with type and typography as unique tool, quickly I comeback to my obsessions, at least its what I can see. No?

This year I found back on my iPhoto collection, two images take in Italy from two different trips few years ago. The two images are interesting because they display same kind of eight with straight line on the top, like on the bottom of the 2: a sort of visual reflect. For the rest of the texts, I have used one ornament from the Sabon Next Pro (finally published last december 2007 by Linotype…), also used for the white line. For the text, I have used firstly Angie Sans (specially re-installed on my Mac for this reason, so many years without any possible use, on same way, I never used FF Angie for years too, strange). At the end, Apolline was more appealing for this new year card with somewhat Renaissance references.

Jean François Porchez, 1 January 2008

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