Myfonts: Creative Characters

Because of a recent revision of my anti-spam rules, I suddenly received an email featuring Dino dos Santos, from Something new from last July 2007: Creative Characters.

More and more, I’m not very satisfied with type designers interviews published in various websites or magazines, even references such Eye magazine. Indeed, some interviews are great, such the Matthew Carter interview by Adam Twardoch on issue 18 of Typo. So, this new mailing/section from Myfonts is quite a surprize, specially because it came from a website where such high quality professional lookalike stuff is not was we expect at all. Not the right target.

I’m curious to understand from where this idea came from? At least a beginning of the answer appear in the colophon, Jan Middendorp who already published quite a lot of high quality publications, interviews, etc. But still the answer is not complete…

Perhaps, my opinion was influenced by this enjoyable answer by Christian Schwartz from his October 2007 issue interview.

Christian, you’ve just received the Prix Charles Peignot of the worldwide typographers’ association, ATypI. Congratulations! What did you think when they gave you the news?

I was out getting a cup of coffee when [president] Jean-François Porchez called to deliver the news. He left a very funny, very cryptic message on my voicemail, instructing me to call back “immédiatement”. Since he had never called me before, wouldn’t say what he was calling about in his message, and it had been 4 or 5 years since the last Prix, I had some suspicion that this was what he wanted to talk to me about, but it was still a shock when he actually said that I was going to receive the prize. Although I have some really great collaborators, they’re all far away, so I spend almost all of my time working in my little office at home, by myself, which makes my job seem very anonymous. It’s a real honor to be recognized by my colleagues.

Enjoyable because when you call someone, you never expect in the future to have some comments from the other side about how your message was received. A sort of Fourth dimension.

Anyway, congrats to

Jean François Porchez, 16 November 2007

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