Le Monde Journal PTF and few others things

Next week, I hope to be able to release the OpenType version of the Le Monde Journal typeface family. The future url will be this one. There is as usual all the necessray stuff for an OpenType font family, such a bunch of f ligatures, st, ct together with usual Small Caps, 4 sets of figures and so on. In addition, I have designed several dingbats and arrows that I hope useful for Newspapers and magazine layout. You can have a look to a pdf from the PTF website to judge by yourself.

As for Parisine PTF, I will offer a free upgrade from Le Monde Journal 8 cpus users (and higher) and just 70 euros for 2 cpus users (just the cost difference between 2 and 8 cpus). More explanations next week at PTF!

Mainwhile, this past summer, I have designed a Latin Cyrillic typeface for an incredible shop in Russia, called EndlessStory who feature various alternates and Swashes à la Deréon.

Few months ago, Henderson Serif and Henderson Sans have been finished for the number two management and strategic consulting worldwide firm (well, I can’t say who they are, up to you to find it out who…). The family is a sort of Baskerville with the proportions of Arial in Serif and Sans. The later is quite surprizing to me because its can be described as a Transitional Sans, something still rare today. A such Sans that I wasn’t able to design without a commissioned job.

Jean François Porchez, 10 October 2007

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