iPod, the return

So, after my big trouble last December, I finally received the one that I purchased via the Apple Store few days later. The new was very nice but seems bit slow compared to my 2 previous ones. It worked not at its best also on my Mini Cooper via the Dension product (slow and not very responsive compared to my previous iPod).

The Sync worked despite a message at the end saying there is sync problem, so I decided to restore it yesterday. No way to use the iPod updater, so I used the Disk utility without troubles, but after a full update with all my tunes, images and iCal, address book, etc. the iPod refused to start when disconnected from the Mac: Only the nice Apple icon then the url for the support and an exclamaition mark + a folder then shuting down.

After several others tests, I contacted the support again, and I wait now for the box via UPS to send the iPod back to Apple. I was proposed two choices: Keeping the few customized words on the back and waiting 3 weeks or waiting for 1 week max and lost the customization. Let see the end of this new story. Nice Apple…

update UPS just picked up the iPod on the 11 January 2006.

Jean François Porchez, 10 January 2006

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