iPod and the 1 year guarantee

Soon after a restart, no way to make the iPod restart and appear on the desktop. It restart all over again, and after search on Apple site, and others forums, I found a way to make it appearing on desktop again pressing 2 buttons in same time. So, after a call to Apple support, who asked me for 47.50 euros to learn how to do what I have already done (I refused to paid that money!), my iPod finally died after the battery was empty. Next few days, I tried again to charge it and no way to restore the iPod.

iPod technical system is success story… for Apple (only), as the tech is so wonderfully built that it died in the very few weeks after the 1 year guarantee. Congratulations Apple! Even, no one can complain that the batteries are out of order, as the iPod died before…

Well, not so success story as my original 4G iPod 15gb is still alive and work well.

The new version of the iPod, with 20gb more and video cost 100 euros less that last year equivalent, so compared to the cost to ship the iPod + quotation + 252,36 euros reparation in 1/2 months, its more easy to buy a new one immediately… pffuf

Jean François Porchez, 19 December 2005

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