Le Monde is not used anymore by Le Monde


Well, it was good to have pushed Le Monde in 1994, for a specific typeface specially tailored for them. Now, times are changing and Le Monde is back to normality and don’t use anymore custom fonts, as any other French newspapers (Le Monde was the only national newspaper using custom fonts).

But, as pointed by Doreen Carvajal in The International Herald Tribune this morning,

The newspaper now has three sections divided by news, commentary and analysis, and lifestyle. It dropped the special Le Monde typeface created for it in 1994 by the French designer Jean-François Porchez, and replaced it with the Fenway typeface designed for Sports Illustrated magazine in the late 1990s. “Of course I’m sad because my typeface is not used anymore, but I’m very happy with the new design,” said Porchez, who just created a new look for The Baltimore Sun in the United States. The new style, he noted, reflects an evolving trend for newspapers across Europe: “Le Monde has stopped trying to put all news out front because in fact everybody has all the news. They are more like a magazine, taking strong decisions and risks on one subject.”

Le Monde Journal and Le Monde Sans

What is important is that the redesign of Le Monde is well done, the fonts used are good choice and the result is finally appealing, not like it was with the previous redesign in 2002, who introduced another custom font by Lucas de Groot for the headlines, kept Le Monde as text face, but done a terrible redesign of the 1994 one.

Logotype Le Monde

ps. The only remaining avatar is the logotype/nameplate that I have designed back in 1994 for them.

Jean François Porchez, 8 November 2005

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