Mon itinéraire

For a while, I found quite bizarre all these big typographic names publishing their itinerary (one example who came to me right now). Most of these itineraries came to us via email signatures picked up on various type lists. Assuming that emails can be check all over the places, including from your bathroom (wireless one) or any airport in the world, same for mobile phones, what is the real function of them? I really wonder?

So, I decided that I really need to follow them, please find here after my current itinerary during a typical week day:
—7:47 (home)
—9:00 (studio)
—9:30 (studio)
—12:55 (studio)
—13:00 (home)
—13:40 (studio)
—15:30 (teaching, Friday only)
—18:55 (studio)
—19:00 (home)
—21:15 (studio)
—00:00 (home, sometimes more late)

Jean François Porchez, 19 April 2004

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