Mini Cooper is a nice car

I have it from last summer and used a lot for various trip in Europe (on the front of Catapult studio—Type an Sich in Antwerp, Belgium). It run fast and its very fun to drive. I indeed added an iPod adaptator, not the original BMW/Mini, but the Dension one who offer good connection to the Mini and offer two way to navigate on the iPod music, via the car Hifi display or directly on it and it charge the iPod too. It took me 1 hour to install on my Mini without troubles.

But today subject is not this one. Its about the type sticker on the back as you can see on that image. In Europe, we don’t have these funny stickers on back of our cars, so motorway trips became boring. But P22 got an excellent idea to produce stickers and I’m glad to put on back of my Mini Cooper and do free ads for Richard Kegler. More than just that, it bring regularly questions about this country that nobody know…

update Just received Richard Kegler email: “Too bad you missed the contest last year.

Merde… I feel stupid now!

Jean François Porchez, 24 October 2005

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