Calligrapher Jobs?

He said his real education started when he “dropped in’ on whatever classes interested him including calligraphy. Jobs said he lived off 5-cent soda recycling deposits and free food offered by Hare Krishnas while taking classes.

He told the graduates that few friends could see the value of learning calligraphy at the time but that painstaking attention to detail including mastering different “fonts’ was what set Macintosh apart from its competitors.

If I had never dropped out I might never have dropped in on that calligraphy,’ Jobs said.

So, Steve Jobs know what is fonts and calligraphy? Waouh, fans will be pleased. Me? not so much. Good days of GX fonts with some great core fonts published is long ago, toooo long ago. We still stick with the poor Lucida Grande (who still lack italics) on MacOs when on Windows, they manage to have great collection of OpenType fonts specially commissioned.

Monsieur Steve Jobs… please wake up! MacOs deserve correct core fonts.

Jean François Porchez, 13 June 2005

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