Helsinki before the annual ATypI conference

We got a very weather and long days so my comments are biased a bit, but my 1999 feelings are confirmed. Its a contemporary city, like any others in Europe with various restaurants, bars, shops, and so on. I specially like the special colors of the sky, quite different light compared to my country, I recall same feelings during my trip in Leningrad (name of St Petersburg when I visited it long ago).

Lume (How we call the conference place at the University of Art and Design) is simply marvellous place, quite huge spaces, contemporary style. The main conference hall for the lecture is huge and looks a bit like the one in Prague x2 in size. The 2nd conference is around same size when the track 3 rooms is on another floor but still more large than the 2nd one in Prague. What is very appealing is the large place (the Atrium) who will provide a very nice place for breaks and help people to socialise in a friendly atmosphere. Wireless access will be available. We visited and tested the Gala dinner place, its a 40’s style interior design on the top of an hotel in the center of the city and we expect a great party after it with the helpd of a local Dj. For the rest, lookforward for more information at the ATypI website soon.

From the Gala dinner place.

Image take around 23:00!

The main railways station.

Entrance of the School.

Main conference room.

Another entry for the conference, direct to the Atrium.

The Type Tech forum selected place, here typically the coffee breaks.

Gala dinner place.

Jean François Porchez, 2 June 2005

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