Sabon again

Sabon is a classic and its why it came up quite often in various type review. Perhaps, its why also there is a misunderstood of what is the real Sabon and why people don’t get the point of the Sabon Next, perhaps? In its own type blog, Forrest L Norvell, wrote: It maintains Tschichold’s sturdiness, and Porchez tried to remain faithful to the various influences he detected in Tschichold’s work, but much of the distinctiveness of the original face was a result of its constraints, many of which Porchez ironed out in an effort to smooth out the awkward bits remaining in Sabon.

What is very wrong is to say that I corrected it and done just a Garamond at the end. Hum, Sabon IS a Garamond actually, and my job started with a digitization of the actual hot metal setting of Sabon (Stempel version). So, the Sabon Next Display is no more than Sabon, with no or very very minor corrections. Others weights came after based on interpolation of the Display / Black (JT never designed a Black, so this one is my design). The Sabon that Forrest L Norvell, seems to like is merely the result of poor various stages of adaptation of the original, not something that Jan Tschichold ever designed during the 60’s.

Jean François Porchez, 23 May 2005

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